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United States

U.S. Economics
Happy Anniversary?  (Apr 2003)
The Role of International Trade and Investment  (Jan 2002)
Micro Credit, Macro Results  (Aug 1996)

U.S. Foreign Policy & Homeland Security
A Running Family Feud  (May 2003)
September 11 and American Unpopularity in the Muslim World  (Jun 2002)
Filling the Gaps in Security  (Jun 2002)
America and Afghanistan: A Troubled History  (Mar 2002)
Agents of Terror  (Nov 1997)
NAFTA: A Successful Agreement  (Oct 1997)
Terrorism in America: Let's Take Decisive Action  (Aug 1995)

U.S. History
The United States in the 21st Century  (Nov 2001)
Change and Continuity 1900  (Mar 2001)
From Pagans to Presidents: The Christmas Tree Tradition  (Dec 2000)
Why Roosevelt Wanted Japan to Attack Pearl Harbor  (Oct 2000)
Does Government Help or Hinder?: Government Is a Barrier to Progress  (Feb 1999)
The Significance of the Gulf War  (Jul 1991)

U.S. Politics
Campaign Finance 'Reform'  (May 2002)
Shifts in Political Power  (May 2001)
How Free Is Free Speech?  (Apr 2001)
The Closest Presidential Election Ever  (Feb 2001)
The Clash Over Congress  (Aug 2000)
The Origins of Medicare  (Mar 1999)
The Rise of Limited Government  (Oct 1998)
Splits in the Political Parties  (Oct 1998)
Alternative Democracy: The American and British Model May Not Be the Best for All Emerging Nations  (Dec 1996)
Lift the Ban on Gays in the Military?: Preserving Esprit de Corps  (Apr 1993)
The Permanently Unfinished Country  (Oct 1992)

U.S. Sociology
Who's Raising Baby?: Challenges To Modern-Day Parenting  (Feb 2002)
The Search for Good Hair: Styling Black Womanhood in America  (Feb 2001)
'Echo-Boom' May Keep U.S. Booming  (Feb 2001)
Fathers in America  (Feb 2001)
Pro Sports and Personal Disabilities (PGA Tour Inc. v. Casey Martin)  (Jan 2001)
The Case for Drug Legalization  (Feb 2000)
Affirmative Action: It's Counterproductive  (Jun 1998)
Belonging in the West  (Sep 1997)
Feeding the Spirits: Minnesota's Wild Rice Harvest  (Aug 1995)
The Sod That Came in From the Cold  (Dec 1994)
Fount of Virtue, Spring of Wealth: How the Strong Family Sustains a Prosperous Society  (Aug 1994)
New Life in a Cracked Egg: Lebanese Easter Celebrations in Northern Maine  (Apr 1993)

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