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The Arts

The Arts
Intelligent Moves: A Dance-Education Pas de Deux  (Feb 2003)
Trompe L'Oeil's Enduring Allure  (Jan 2003)
The Egyptian Museum at 100  (Nov 2002)
Tasmania's Rich Woods  (Jan 2002)
Why Dickens Wrote "A Christmas Carol"  (Dec 2001)
Grandma Moses: The Legacy  (Sep 2001)
Play It Again, Vaclav: Wisdom in Havel's Plays  (Aug 2001)
Louis Armstrong at 100: 'Jazz and I Get Born Together':  (Aug 2001)
Pacific Northwest Ballet Goes Global:The Exotic Men of Ballet  (May 2001)
San Francisco Symphony Liberated With New Music Director  (Mar 2001)
Tommy Simpson: Craftsman With a Sense of Humor  (Mar 2001)
Magical American Fresco  (Feb 2001)
A Cremonese Sound: The Violin Makers of Cremona, Italy  (Feb 2001)
Grand Ole Opry at 75: Playing to America's Heart  (Feb 2001)
Art in the Year One  (Jan 2001)
When Art Was Golden: Dutch Arts of the 1600s  (Dec 2000)
Cairo's International Theater Festival: Experiment on the Nile  (Dec 2000)
Laudate Pueri: The World of the Vienna Choir Boys  (Dec 2000)
Sakiko Oshima's Wild Choreography: Dancing to Chaos  (Nov 2000)
Ontario's Flourishing Shaw Festival  (Oct 2000)
The Year of Asia at Cannes  (Sep 2000)
Opera Loses Its Voice  (Sep 2000)
Aussie Cooper Craft  (Aug 2000)
Philadelphia Orchestra: A Century of Music  (Jul 2000)
Plácido's Place: The Washington Opera  (May 2000)
German Renaissance: Drawings from 1450 to 1550  (Apr 2000)
Mata Ortiz Pottery: The Art of Innovation  (Apr 2000)
Bach: Ad Majorem Dei Gloria  (Mar 2000)
Fate and the Imperial Dream: A Russian Approach  (Feb 2000)
Strauss: Year of the Waltz King; Austria Celebrates Composer's Centennial  (Dec 1999)
The Renaissance Mind Mirrored in Art  (Dec 1998)
Take Two Sonatas and Call Me in the Morning  (Nov 1995)
Cast Albums: The Record on Broadway Musicals  (Oct 1992)

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