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Commentaries/Book Reviews/Profiles

Commentaries/Book Reviews/Profiles
Artist of Skepticism: A Profile of Knut Hamsun  (Feb 2003)
Bill Monroe and the Making of Bluegrass  (Dec 2002)
Prophet-Poet of Technology: A Profile of Jules Verne  (Dec 2002)
Malthus Revisited  (Nov 2002)
Love Lost and Found: The Lives of Elizabeth and Robert Browning  (Oct 2002)
Grandma Moses: The Legacy  (Sep 2001)
Mysteries and Miracles: A Profile of Louise Erdrich  (Sep 2001)
Louis Armstrong at 100: 'Jazz and I Get Born Together':  (Aug 2001)
Joseph Califano Jr.: Addiction Nemesis  (Apr 2001)
Tommy Simpson: Craftsman With a Sense of Humor  (Mar 2001)
In the Mood for Wong Kar-wai: Hong Kong's Hot Art-Film Director  (Mar 2001)
Writer of the Purple Sage: A Profile of Zane Grey  (Mar 2001)
Playing With Kiddie Dynamite: Commentary on Michael Chabon's The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier and Clay  (Feb 2001)
A Global Enchantment: Cinderella's Dance Through Time  (Feb 2001)
The Alien  (Feb 2001)
The Accidental Masterpiece: A Profile of Richard Henry Dana Jr.  (Dec 2000)
Copland 's Century  (Nov 2000)
A Rich and Tangled Web  (Nov 2000)
Shaving the Truth: A Profile of William Dean Howells  (Sep 2000)
The Modern World: Commentary on Zadie Smith's White Teeth  (Sep 2000)
Bellow's Gift: Commentary on Saul Bellow's Ravelstein  (Aug 2000)
Bach: Ad Majorem Dei Gloria  (Mar 2000)
Jehan Sadat: Wife, First Lady, Widow, Educator  (Mar 2000)
Father's Secret Life: Commentary on Fred Chappell's Look Back All the Green Valley  (Dec 1999)
Confucius: The Embodiment of Faith in Humanity  (Nov 1999)
The Walking Wounded: Commentary on Pat Barker's Another World  (Oct 1999)
Lessons in Survival: Commentary on Doris Lessing's Mara and Dann  (May 1999)
Going South  (Feb 1999)
Something That Is Gone  (Feb 1999)
A Parable for the Millennium: Commentary on Robert Stone's Damascus Gate  (Sep 1998)
Betty Friedan: Feminism's Matriarch  (May 1998)
The Salaryman's Quest  (May 1998)
Shattered Dreams: Commentary on Philip Roth's American Pastoral  (Oct 1997)
A Voice for the Voiceless  (Jun 1997)
Carolina Taleblazing  (Aug 1994)
The Bronners of Atlanta: See How They Prosper  (Apr 1991)
America's Second Civil War  (Mar 1991)
Art as Impersonation of Oneself  (Apr 1987)

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