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Diversity & Minority Studies

Diversity & Minority Studies
Blacks Have Yet to Catch Up  (Feb 2003)
The Feminization of American Culture: How Modern Chemicals May Be Changing Human Biology  (Oct 2001)
Britainís Women-Only Orange Prize for Fiction  (Jul 2001)
No Going Back: Indian Immigrant Women Shape a New Identity  (May 2001)
The Search for Good Hair: Styling Black Womanhood in America  (Feb 2001)
Modern-Day Slavery in America  (Feb 2001)
Pro Sports and Personal Disabilities (PGA Tour Inc. v. Casey Martin)  (Jan 2001)
The Economic Impact of Immigrants  (May 2000)
That's the IDEA! (Cedar Rapids Community School District v. Garret F. ) (Jun 1999)
Race Should Be Used for Governmental Decision Making: An Interview With Paul Butler  (Sep 1998)
What You May Not Know About Interracial Marriages  (Jul 1997)
Inside Room 101: Anatomy of a Sensitivity Cover-Up  (Nov 1994)
New Life in a Cracked Egg: Lebanese Easter Celebrations in Northern Maine  (Apr 1993)
Women and the Ideology of Victimization  (Apr 1993)

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