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International Studies

The Egyptian Museum at 100  (Nov 2002)
Ethiopia: Land of Anguish and Hope  (Jun 2001)
Access to Land: Women's Struggle in South Africa's Former Bantustans  (Mar 2001)
How to Control AIDS in Africa  (Jan 2001)
Cairo's International Theater Festival: Experiment on the Nile  (Dec 2000)
AIDS and Africa: The End of Denial?  (Dec 2000)
In Batsirai's Classroom: An Innovative Biology Class in Zimbabwe  (Nov 2000)
Flowing From the Nine-Headed Serpent: Legends From Cambodian Literature  (Dec 1999)

The Right Becomes a Major Factor  (Dec 2002)
Isles of Eternal Spring: Overlooked Mysteries of the Canary Islands  (Apr 2002)
The Glöcklerlauf: Midwinter Celebration in Austria's Ebensee  (Jan 2002)
Born in Frost and Wave: The North Norway Festival  (Nov 2001)
Crossroads of the Alps: An Archaeological Expedition  (Sep 2001)
Unbroken Spirit: Symbols of Icelandic Patriotism  (Mar 2001)
On Being Welsh: Old and New Shape Wales' Identity  (Mar 2001)
A Cremonese Sound: The Violin Makers of Cremona, Italy  (Feb 2001)
Europe's New Dance  (Feb 2001)
Summons to Spring: The Gilles of Binche, Belgium  (Feb 2001)
Historic Antigua: In the Image of Spain  (Jan 2001)
New Old Words: The Struggle for Norway's Nynorsk Language  (Nov 2000)
In Tune With the Past: Bergen's International Festival  (Sep 2000)
Temples for the Gods: Britain's New Theater Architecture  (Sep 2000)
A Bridge Between Nations: Luxembourg's Heart of Diplomacy  (Apr 2000)
German Renaissance: Drawings from 1450 to 1550  (Apr 2000)
Shock Therapy vs. Gradualism  (Nov 1999)
New Freedoms, Old Problems  (Nov 1999)
From Mercantilism to The Wealth of Nations  (May 1999)
Governments and Drugs: The Netherlands: Let's Be Realistic  (Oct 1998)
Mystic Waters: The Power of Ireland's Holy Wells  (Jun 1997)
Alternative Democracy: The American and British Model May Not Be the Best for All Emerging Nations  (Dec 1996)
Was France the Fatherland of Genocide?  (Jan 1988)

Japan's Touch: The Morikami Museum and Japanese Gardens  (Aug 2002)
Removing the Roadblocks to Reform  (Jul 2002)
The 'Glue' That Holds China Together  (Jul 2002)
The Roots of Chinese Xenophobia  (Jul 2002)
Post 9/11 Transformations  (Jun 2002)
Kashmir: A 50-Year Controversy  (May 2002)
Introduction  (May 2002)
Temple Giants: Elephants in the Culture of Kerala  (Feb 2002)
Divergent Paths: Brahman Computer Programmers Ponder Their Future  (Nov 2001)
Taiwan: Can It Remain Free?  (Oct 2001)
The Coldest Town: Life in Siberia's Pole of Cold  (Feb 2001)
Spoiled by Tourism: Hmong Children of Northern Vietnam  (Oct 2000)
The Timeworn Majesty of Myanmar's Bagan  (Oct 2000)
China's Elusive Democracy  (Jul 2000)
The Taiwan Conundrum  (Apr 2000)
Fate and the Imperial Dream: A Russian Approach  (Feb 2000)
A Celluloid Hall of Mirrors  (Oct 1996)
Ancient Jewel  (Oct 1996)
China Since Tiananmen Square  (Apr 1996)
Memory and India's Identity Crisis  (May 1994)
Script Reform in China  (Oct 1989)

Tasmania's Rich Woods  (Jan 2002)
People of Wood: Houses, Canoes, and Latrines in Maori Tradition  (Dec 2000)
Aussie Cooper Craft  (Aug 2000)

Middle East
Talking Peace, Waging War  (Sep 2002)
Justice for All: Shahnaz Bokhari's Fight to Protect Pakistan's Abused Women  (Jul 2002)
The Recent Troubles  (Feb 2002)
Pakistan's Jihad Factories  (Dec 2001)
Palestinian Fictions  (Nov 2001)
Holding Hands in Public: The Emergence of Dating in Iran  (Dec 2000)
Mudscrapers in the Sky: Yemen as a Land of Extremes  (Sep 2000)
Shifting Power in the Middle East  (Sep 1999)
Still a Formidable Enemy  (Sep 1998)
Jihad in a World of Shattered Dreams: Islam, Arab Politics, and the Gulf Crisis  (Feb 1991)
The Arabs and Technology  (Feb 1990)

Latin America
Emerging Forces: The Women's Movement in Post-Sandinista Nicaragua  (Mar 2001)
The Mysterious Moai: The Elusive Statues of Easter Island, Chile  (Mar 2001)
A Better Life: Immigrants Shape Panamanian Diversity  (Nov 2000)
Threads of Tradition: Among the Kuna of Panama  (Dec 1999)
After Castro--What?  (Jun 1999)
A Failed Revolution  (Jun 1999)
Laughter and Tears: Mexico's Paradoxical Proverbs  (Jul 1995)
A New Life for the Old: The Role of the Elderly in the Bahamas  (Mar 1991)
From Shells to Money: Ceremonial Exchange Among the Simbu of Papua New Guinea  (May 1989)

Global Issues
Population Control Today--and Tomorrow?  (Jun 2001)
The Core of the Global Economy  (Apr 2001)
The Globalization of Family Planning  (Dec 2000)
The Graying of the Industrialized World  (Apr 2000)
Crime Around the World  (Jun 1999)
Terrorism in the Twenty-First Century: Threats and Responses  (Jun 1999)
Global AIDS: Out of Control?  (Apr 1999)
The Global Threat of Unchecked Population Growth  (Jun 1993)

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