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Social Issues

Social Issues
Civil War Sesquicentennial: 1861-65 / 2011-15 (Dec 2012)
A Booming $800 Billion Industry  (Jul 2000)
America's Longest 'War'  (Feb 2000)
We Have No 'War on Drugs'  (Feb 2000)
Addiction's Ugly Face  (Dec 1999)
Addiction and the Brain: Part I, What Causes the Highs?  (Nov 1999)
How to Improve the Jury System  (Jul 1998)
How Federal and State Policies Spread AIDS  (May 1998)
The Children of Divorce  (Oct 1997)
Violence and the Brain  (May 1997)
Doing Time Chills Crime  (Mar 1997)
The Rise of Casino Gaming: A Historical and Ethical Perspective  (Mar 1997)
Struggling Against 'Common Sense': The Pluses and Minuses of Gun Control  (Feb 1997)
The Child Molestation Dilemma  (Nov 1996)
Teenage Smoking: More Laws Are Needed  (Dec 1995)
Adversarial Justice  (Aug 1995)
The Drug Issue: A Most Complex Problem  (Jan 1995)
Workplace Killers  (Aug 1994)
Cause and Violent Effect: Media and Our Youth  (Jul 1994)
How Much Crime Is There?  (Apr 1994)
Abuses of the Child Abuse War  (Nov 1993)
Single Parents and Damaged Children: The Fruits of the Sexual Revolution  (Jul 1993)
Euthanasia and the Red Herring of Totalitarianism  (Mar 1993)
The Pornography Industry Today  (Dec 1992)
The Critical Moral Dimension  (Dec 1991)
Thoughts of a Pro-Life Feminist  (Oct 1991)
The Lasting Effects of Child Maltreatment  (Jun 1990)
Murderers Deserve the Death Penalty  (Nov 1989)

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