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For the Love of Theater (Feb 2016)
Pulling Art from the Bin (Mar 2015)
Encounters with Tennessee Williams (Jan 2015)
George Gershwin's Long Road to Porgy and Bess (Feb 2013)
'The Scottsboro Boys'  (Dec 2010)
Walking in Muslim Shoes  (Sep 2010)
'Oh, What a Night'  (Dec 2009)
Four Broadway Plays Lament the Lot of the Housewife  (Jun 2008)
Tony Plana: On Stage and Off  (Aug 2007)
Darfur Stories: Tell Them  (Apr 2007)
The Body Project Looks at Women's Obsession With Body Image  (May 2006)
Damn Yankees Celebrates Two National Pastimes  (Mar 2006)
The Frankenstein Summer: New Drama Traces Frankenstein's Origins  (Apr 2005)
Blackfriars: Bard of the Blue Ridge  (Oct 2003)
Shakespeare for Students  (Oct 2003)
L.A. Theatre Works: 'It's All In Your Ear'  (Feb 2003)
Pirandello Today!: Rediscovering Sicily's Seminal Playwright  (Apr 1997)
Alabama Shakespeare Festival: Bard Over Alabama  (Dec 1995)
Clones on Broadway  (Jul 1995)
Sunny Outlook for Florida Theater  (Apr 1995)
Angels in America: Visitation of a Gay Fantasia  (Aug 1993)
Not-For-Profit Theater: A Roundabout Way to Success  (Jan 1993)
Cast Albums: The Record on Broadway Musicals  (Oct 1992)
The Shakespeare Theater: Much Ado About Shakespeare  (Sep 1992)
Death and the Maiden:The Compromised Maiden  (Jul 1992)
Broadway's Future Is in Its Past  (Jun 1992)
Broadway Plays It Straight  (Feb 1992)
Searching Off-Broadway for Excellence  (Jan 1992)
Miss Saigon: Whither Asian-American Actors?  (Sep 1991)
Black Family Anguish  (May 1991)
Miss Saigon Comes to America  (Apr 1991)
One Big Soul  (Aug 1990)
Chicago International Festival: Theater Takes Chicago by Storm  (Jun 1990)
Kubrick: A Clockwork Lemon  (May 1990)
Bard of His People  (Apr 1990)
Lloyd Webber Back on Broadway  (Apr 1990)
The Threepenny Opera Redux  (Dec 1989)
Gyroscopic Descent Into Pain  (Sep 1989)
The Day Room: The Comic and the Cosmic  (Aug 1989)
Metamorphosis: A Bug in the System  (Jun 1989)
Eastern Standard: A Chinese Meal of a Play  (Apr 1989)
BAM Tests Audience Endurance: Where's the Avant-Garde?  (Feb 1989)
Sacco, Vanzetti, and Rosie  (Oct 1988)
Eugene O'Neill: Agony of the Family: Dark and Light Visions  (Sep 1988)
David Mamet: Speed-the-Plow Zings Hollywood  (Aug 1988)
Chicago Goes Global: Second International Theatre Festival Sets Lake Michigan on  (Aug 1988)
Madame Butterfly's Revenge: Racism, Sexism, and Imperialism Come to Broadway  (Jun 1988)
Moss Hart Revived: The Wonderful World of Theater  (Mar 1988)
Chicago, That Towering Theater Town: Raw Energy Generates World-Class Drama  (Jan 1988)
Black Theater Triumphant: A Dynamic Duo From the Yale Repertory  (Dec 1987)
August Wilson's Joe Turner's Come and Gone: A Spirtual Odyssey  (Dec 1987)
Los Angeles Theater: More Alive Than You Know  (Nov 1987)
Off-Broadway: Where to Find Real Theater Today  (May 1987)
New York Theater Scene  (Feb 1987)
Young Playwrights Festival Opens Door to Professional Theater  (Jan 1987)
Brooklyn Bridge Memory Theater  (Oct 1986)
New York Theater Scene  (Sep 1986)
Aunt Dan and Lemon: Now From New York  (Jul 1986)
Big River: The Road Show  (Jul 1986)
The Mikado on a Skewer  (Jun 1986)
Long Day's Journey into Night: A 'Journey' for the People  (Jun 1986)
Importance of Discovering Oscar Wilde  (Jun 1986)
Nichols' 'Social' Complacency  (May 1986)
Shakespeare Ethnically Mixed  (May 1986)
Legends!: The Legend of Two Old War-Horses  (May 1986)
Give 'em Hellman  (Feb 1986)
Forbidden Broadway: D.C.'s Impish Take  (Jan 1986)
Lily Tomlin: The One-Woman Wonder  (Jan 1986)
Tamara in L.A.  (Jan 1986)

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