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East European

Romania's Passion: Revising the Classics  (Jun 2004)
Identity Matters: State of the Balkan Stage  (Feb 2004)
Master of the Apocalyptic Stage: Josef Szajna at 80  (Jul 2003)
Moscow, the Play's the Thing  (May 2002)
Fate and the Imperial Dream: A Russian Approach  (Feb 2000)
Golden Lion International Festival: The Theatrical Lions of Lvov  (Nov 1998)
Pitfalls of Freedom  (May 1995)
Poland's Kontakt Theater Festival Creates Theater Contacts  (Nov 1994)
Katona Jozsef Theater Company: The Flowering of Hungarian Theater  (May 1994)
Fatulescu's Triumphant Return  (Jan 1994)
Russia's View of the McCarthy Years: Fearful Eye on the West  (Nov 1993)
Moscow Theater Mirrors the Chaos: Staged Anarchy  (Oct 1993)
After the Velvet Revolution  (Sep 1993)
St. Petersburg: A Tale Of Two Theaters  (Jun 1993)
Poland's Theatrical Vision  (Mar 1993)
Romania Looks Back in Anger  (Feb 1993)
East Europe's Introspective Theater  (Apr 1992)
Romianian Theater: Hail to King Ubu!  (Jan 1992)
Lithuania Theater Restructured  (Aug 1991)
Catharsis in Bucharest  (Jun 1991)
Three Sisters: The Redgrave Outrage  (Mar 1991)
Russia's Cerceau: The Loneliness of the Long-Distance Humanist  (Jan 1991)
Lithuania's National Theater: The Politics of Suffering  (Dec 1990)
Moscow Gold:The Rise and Fall of Gorbachev  (Dec 1990)
Glasnost Comes to Bulgaria  (Mar 1990)
Coping With Glasnost  (Jan 1990)
Hamlet: Andrzej Wajda's Unique Take  (Oct 1989)
Russian Theater: Feeling the Pain  (Jul 1989)
Stanislavsky on Home Ground  (Jul 1989)
Stanislavsky and Meyerhold Remembered: Muffled Explosion  (Nov 1988)
Gardzienice: The Heart Is a Language: Polish Theater Group Speaks to the Collective Unconscious  (Oct 1988)
Chernobyl as Theater: Sarcophagus and the Human Element  (Jan 1988)
Yuri Lyubimov: World-Class Director  (Apr 1987)

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