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Women Take the Stage against Taliban (May 2013)
Spacey Remarkable in “Richard III” (Nov 2011)
Sign Language Interpreter Takes the Stage  (Sep 2008)
Manga Revamp for the Bard  (May 2008)
Theater Brings Dreams to Life in a Brazilian Favela  (Mar 2008)
Window on the Modern World: Shaw Festival Stresses Freshness, Change  (Apr 2004)
In Montreal, Comedy Is Serious Business: The Just For Laughs Festival  (Nov 2002)
Ontario's Stratford Festival at Fifty: A Classical Gas  (Jan 2002)
Ontario's Flourishing Shaw Festival  (Oct 2000)
Canada's 'Dream Messengers'  (Mar 2000)
Varying Shades of Desert Talent: Experimental Theater in the Middle East  (May 1998)
Adelaide International Arts Festival: Theater Down Under  (Aug 1992)
Big Top Theater: The Cirque du Soleil  (May 1992)

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