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West European

Greek Farce Satirizes Corruption  (Feb 2010)
France's Feel-Bad Theater  (Jun 2005)
Peer Gynt: A World Class Production  (Jul 1994)
Street Wise Theater  (Dec 1992)
Paris Theater Thrives  (Jun 1992)
Moliere's Unsung Partner  (Nov 1991)
Berlin's Theater Festival: Together Again  (Dec 1990)
Oberammergau: Bringing Back Faith and Decency  (Aug 1990)
World Theater in Monte Carlo  (Jun 1990)
Avignon Festival Builds Bridges  (Oct 1989)
Viennese Theater: Nightmare Memories  (Apr 1989)
Glories of German Theater  (Jan 1989)
Ingmar Bergman's Hamlet: Portrait of the Artist as a Young Nazi  (Sep 1988)
Soldier as Playwright: What Broadway Intellectuals Don't Know About Laclos and Les Liaisons dangereuses  (Sep 1987)
Paris Theater: The Best Plays Outside the City  (Jul 1987)
Amsterdam offers English Language Theater  (May 1986)

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