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DC Eaglet Hatches  (Apr 2016) 
New Bird Species Confirmed 15 Years After First Observation  (Jan 2015) 
Ecologists Strive to Save Endangered Owls  (Apr 2012) 
'Naked' Penguins Baffle Experts  (May 2011) 
Macquarie Island: Wildlife Mecca in the Middle of Nowhere   (Jun 2010) 
Thrown for a Loop: A Bird's Feathers Affects Its Physiology   (Sep 2008) 
The Brown Pelican's Remarkable Recovery   (Mar 2008) 
Protection Warranted for 10 Penguin Species   (Sep 2007) 
Anatomy of a Penguin: Testing the Resilience of an Antarctic Hero   (Sep 2006) 
Ultralight-Aircraft Pilots Teach Refuge-Reared Cranes to Migrate   (Dec 2004) 
A Flying Heavyweight   (Dec 2003) [great bustard]
Streams on Wings   (Nov 2003) [hawk migration]
Toxic Birds   (May 2003) [pitohuis and ifrita]
Amazing Architects of the Avian World   (Dec 2001) [bowerbirds]
Birds: Fashioned for Flight   (Mar 2001) 
What's Special About Feathers?   (Mar 2001) 
An Itty-Bitty Humdinger   (Jul 2000) [ruby-throated hummingbird]
The World's Fastest Animal   (Jan 2000) [peregrine falcon]
Come Blow Your Horn   (Feb 1999) [trumpeter swan]
Heralds of Happiness   (Jun 1998) [cranes]
Handsome Visitors From the High Tundra   (Feb 1998) [snowy owls]
On Heaven's Wings   (Nov 1997) [birds of paradise]
Melodies on Wings   (May 1997) [birdsong]
A Feathered Friend Stands Tall   (Apr 1996) [great blue heron]
An American Emblem   (Jan 1996) [bald eagle]
Happiness on a Wing   (Jul 1995) [eastern bluebird]
Replanting Seabird Colonies   (Feb 1995) 
The Bird of Peace   (Dec 1994) [pigeon/dove]
The Greatest Show on Earth   (Oct 1994) [bird migration]
Emperor of the Antarctic   (Jan 1994) [emperor penguin]
Parrots Abroad   (Nov 1993) [monk parakeets]
Big, Black, and Beautiful   (Jan 1993) [American crow]
Return of a Native   (Nov 1991) [wild turkey]
Two Robins Oceans Apart   (Jul 1990) [British and American robins]
The Eclipse of the California Condor   (Feb 1988) 
On Night Patrol: The Screech Owl   (Dec 1986) 

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