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Tiny Fossil Fragment Reveals Giant-but-Ugly Truth  (Dec 2011) 
What Steers Vampires to Blood  (Sep 2011) 
Wolverines Threatened by Climate Change   (Mar 2011) 
Tiger Sanctuaries in India   (Jan 2011) 
Wolves Back at Swiss Doors   (Nov 2010) 
New Hominid Species Discovered   (May 2010) 
'Zen' Bats Hit Their Target by Not Aiming at It!   (Mar 2010) 
The Last Lair of the Leopard   (May 2009) 
Sierra Nevada Bighorn Sheep Recovery Plan   (Mar 2008) 
Yellowstone Grizzly Bears Now Thriving   (Aug 2007) 
Mythical Jaguars Face Harsh Reality   (Aug 2006) 
Tale of Whales: Watching and Studying Creatures of the Deep   (May 2005) 
In Hibernation, Animals' Metabolism Slows, Then Springs Back   (Apr 2005) 
White on White: Polar Bears on the Tundra Are Unforgettable   (Mar 2005) 
Mountain Monarchs   (Aug 2004) 
The Beaver's Little Brother   (Sep 2003) [muskrat]
Saving the Mountain Gorillas   (Oct 2002) 
The Littlest Carnivore   (Jun 2002) [least weasel]
America's Big Cat   (Jan 2001) [cougar]
The Old Man of the Woods   (Jun 2000) [black bear]
The Armored Pig   (Aug 1999) [armadillo]
Canine in the Wild   (Jan 1999) [gray wolf]
Canaries of the Sea   (Jan 1998) [beluga whales]
Living on Top of the World   (Feb 1997) [musk ox]
Aquatic Cows   (Nov 1996) [manatees]
Rodents That Kiss and Bark   (Oct 1996) [prairie dogs]
The Moose: Ambassador of the North   (Feb 1995) 
Gorillas in the Fog of War   (Sep 1994) 
Hopping Unnoticed   (Feb 1994) [snowshoe hare]
Window on a Vanished World   (Jul 1993) [bison]
The American Beaver   (Sep 1992) 
Leviathans of the Sea   (Jul 1992) [humpback whale]
Hogging the Hedge   (May 1992) [European hedgehog]
North America's Marsupial   (Sep 1991) [opossum]
The Eastern Coyote   (Mar 1990) 
Deep Divers of the Antarctic   (May 1989) [Weddell seals]
In Search of Dolphin Realities   (Jun 1988) 
The Mexican Free-Tailed Bat   (Mar 1988) 
Night Gliders: The Flying Squirrel   (Nov 1986) 

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