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Microbes in Gut May Hold Key to Obesity Cause   (Mar 2009) 
Bacteria in Dish Recreate Predator-Prey Interactions   (Jun 2008) 
Researchers Decode Genetics of Rare Photosynthetic Bacterium   (Mar 2008) 
Microbes That Produce Miniature Electrical Wires   (Aug 2005) 
Mystery of a Salty Survivor   (Jan 2005) 
Germs to the Rescue   (Dec 2002) [intestinal flora / probiotics]
Great Expectations of Small Genomes   (Jan 2002) [microbes and their genes]
Know Your Enemy   (Oct 1998) [disease-causing microbes]
Enzymes at the Extreme   (Mar 1997) [extremophiles and their enzymes]
Gentle Remedy for Harsh Pollutants   (Sep 1996) [microbes for environmental cleanup]
Miniature Nitrogen Factories   (Jun 1994) [nitrogen-fixing soil bacteria]
The Hottest Life on Earth   (Feb 1992) [microbes in marine volcanic vents]
Ocean Biology and Global Climate   (Apr 1990) [phytoplankton and climate regulation]
The Littlest Greenhouse   (Apr 1990) [diatoms]
Marine Creatures Small and Great   (Feb 1989) [picophytoplankton]
Biogenic Ice Nuclei   (Jul 1987) [Pseudomonas syringae]

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