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Traveling the Globe

     Embark on a safari through Kenya, canoe down the Missouri River of Montana, trek up Adamís Peak in Sri Lanka, stroll the streets of Paris, and by the end of your journey settle down to sleep in one of Europeís finest castles -- all for free! Our Traveling the Globe collection is your ticket to not only the well-known destinations of the world but also some of its most obscure sites. Set forth on a journey replete with cultures, landscapes, sounds, and smells from all corners of the earth.

    The articles in this collection let the armchair traveler satisfy his wanderlust within the cozy confines of home. And if you have done some traveling of your own, perhaps these savory accounts will rekindle the memories of those excursions to far-off places. So get ready to be swept away to the wineries of Croatia, the exotic backcountry of Jamaica, the marketplaces of Italy, and much, much more.

Central America(15)
Middle East(21)
North America(92)
South America(20)
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